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Products with Integrity

We are committed to food safety, sustainability and social accountability. Our gift bags, hot chocolate, coffee and fruit preserves are made in Guatemala. We want to help our beautiful country and support its communities by providing sources of income as well as support the educational needs of the children and the well-being of workers' families. Our goal is to foster a more empathetic world that nurtures economic growth and benefits the environment and society to encourage a path toward sustainability.

We work under a written food safety program that includes Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

We are eager to improve our practices year over year. By taking these measures, we are confident of offering our customers products of the highest quality. At Macaw Confections, it is our policy to respond continuously to customers’ requests and produce confectionery products with high standards.

In Macaw Confections we are hardcore chocolate lovers but we are health conscious too. We are two Engineers who came up with a way to put science into goodness in Spring TX.

Macaw Confections satisfies chocolate lover's cravings with guilt - free indulgences made from healthy, ethically sourced ingredients.

Always pursuing innovating, as engineers we are proud to create any form and any shape with chocolate. We are very well known for our chocolate creations since we can replicate almost any design on chocolate, for example, corporate logos as give away, wedding logos, birthday favors, cake toppers, Christmas ornaments to name a few.

Macaw Confections sole purpose is to contribute to a better world, creating new job opportunities while we satisfy sweet tooth with all natural ingredients.
Our products are created for people who want to treat themselves with healthy and natural products.