Macaw Confections
Brought to you by our Macaw Confections' Team

In Macaw Confections we are hardcore chocolate lovers but we are health conscious too. Our team, a Food Science Engineer and a Manufacturing Engineer, came up with a way to put science into goodness in Spring TX.

We are providing premium dark chocolates and confections that make our customers feel better about eating them while making better nutritional choices without sacrificing flavor. In addition we believe in the benefits that come with fruits and nuts, for example the presence of antioxidants, flavonoids and unsaturated fatty acids. Besides nuts and fruits provide a great taste and texture to our final products.

Our products are aimed to be a daily indulgence but they are ideal for holiday gift giving, corporate gifts, hostess gifts, real estate gifts and teacher gifts. We use only premium dark chocolate from sustainable farms. Our products are dairy free, vegan they are also gluten free and do not contain any trans fat and are very low in sodium. Macaw Confections’ products provide a pleasure that will bring a smile to your face with a sense of delight and satisfaction. That is why our motto is “Chocolates without regrets”.

Chocolates with Integrity

We are committed to food safety, sustainability and social accountability. Our gift bags are handmade in Guatemala. We want to help that beautiful country and community by providing sources of income. Our chocolates come from sustainable production farms. This means when farmers earn an equitable income, engage in responsible labor practices, safeguard the environment and can provide for the basic health and education needs and well being of their families.

We work under a written food safety program that includes Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

We are eager to improve our practices year over year. By taking these measures, we are confident of offering our customers products of the highest quality. At Macaw Confections, it is our policy to respond continuously to customers’ requests and produce confectionery products with high standards.