Sweet Manchego Cheese
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Cheese & Jam on Toast Recipe

Cheese & Jam on Toast Recipe

This light and aromatic snack is ready in just a few minutes and is guaranteed to be a favorite among friends and family. Purchase your favorite crostini for convenience or make your own by slicing and baking a fresh French loaf.
Manchego is a Spanish cheese that's made from unpasteurized sheep's milk. Manchego cheeses can be aged at six months or for a year or more. At six months, you'll notice that the cheese has a distinct acidity that's combined with a soft nutty flavor and a caramel aroma. Aged a year or more, the taste becomes more sweet as the acidity fades.
When aged a year or more, Manchego becomes a crumbly cheese that's similar to Parmesan. In fact, you may wish to substitute Parmesan here, if Manchego is not available or your palate is sensitive to sheep's milk. Manchego and other cheeses can be combined with a range of fruits and flavors. Try this recipe with a soft double-cream cheese and our coffee preserves, or substitute mango or orange for blackberries.

Manchego cheese
1 package toasts (crostini)
Blackberry Fruit Preserve
Basil leaves (optional)


  • Slice Manchego into thin shavings.
  • Top crostini with cheese and then a dollop of blackberry fruit preserves.
  • Use basil leaves to decorate. (optional)
  • Serve & enjoy!