Apples with Orange
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Apples on Crackers with Tart Orange Fruit Preserves

This easy after school snack combines a variety of textures with the delicate fruit flavors of orange and apply to create a slightly sweet and healthful treat for everyone. Our orange fruit preserves contain the least amount of sugar of all the preserves in our selection. This recipe is well suited to those watching their sugar intake, such as followers of the keto diet or those with dietary restrictions.

Our preserves pack a bit of a punch, so it's up to you how you'd like to pair its bright citrusy flavors. You may already have a favorite go-to apple that's always on your list, but if you're interested in trying something new, here are a few popular apple options that will likely be available at your local grocery store:

Granny Smith
This apple is tart and has a high crunch factor, which those with a propensity toward more sour flavors delight in.
Red Delicious
Slightly sweet and mildly tart, the Red Delicious apple is a popular snack apple across the country. This apple is perfect for those who love a good crunch paired with a hint of tart.
Golden Delicious
This apple falls right in the middle between sweet and sour. Its mellow flavors make it a favorite among kids, and adults love that its flesh won't turn brown as quickly after slicing as other apple varieties.
The flavor profile of this apple is baked right into the name: it's sweet, juicy and crispy, a perfect standalone snack or delicious addition to salads or crackers. While this apple is very sweet, it also offers up some subtle tart notes.
Gala & Fuji
These apples are crisp and all-around sweet, with the Fuji being on the sweetest end of the spectrum of apples in this list.

Pair these delicious apples with our flavorful orange jam and your favorite cracker. We love using melba toasts, Nut-Thins and Mary's Gone Crackers.

  • 1 fresh apple
  • 4 tablespoons of Orange Fruit Preserve or as much as you like!
  • 1 package of thin crackers
  • Basil leaves

Cut the apple into quarters and then into thin slices.
Spread Orange Fruit Preserve on top of the apple slices.
Place the apple slices on top of thin crackers.

Decorate with some basil leaves to your liking.

Serve and enjoy!