Blackberry Gin
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Handcrafted Blackberry Gin Cocktail

Skip the tonic and reach for the blackberry preserves instead. Blackberries - both fresh and from concentrate - have long been a go-to favorite for liquor connoisseurs.
In this recipe, gin and lemon play with the honeyed taste of ripe blackberries to create a delightful aroma that's easy to get lost in, particularly on a hot summer day.
If the highly botanical flavors of gin aren't your preferred taste, try blackberries together with Irish whiskey, a touch of lime juice and sparkling soda water to create a smooth and refreshing cocktail anytime. Use bourbon, orange liqueur and lemon juice combined with blackberries for a modern take on the classic Sidecar. Or simply create a fruity vodka martini using your preferred vodka or flavored vodka.


Pour gin in shaker, add lemon juice and blackberry fruit preserve, shake and then pour into a glass with ice.
Garnish with fresh blackberries and lemon

Serve and enjoy. Cheers!