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Coffee Fruit Preserve Fruit Preserve Fruit Preserve
Coffee Fruit Preserve
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Mango Fruit Preserve
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Orange Fruit Preserve
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Fruit Preserve Fruit Preserve Fruit Preserve
Guava Fruit Preserve
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Before the advent of refrigeration, preserving foods was not just convenient, it was vital. Of course, not all preserved foods turned out to be as delicious as jam, but that's no surprise without ripe fruit as the main ingredient. The sweet pleasures of jam have likely been around since the Romans cultivated fruit, flowers and honey, but over time, much of the tradition created by the original jam artisans was unfortunately lost to mass production.
Today, all too many of the jams you'll find on your local supermarket shelf are mostly sugar, even if the product contains whole fruit or fruit bits. We sought to change that. By using only real ingredients and utilizing sugar sparingly, we've created a line of preserves that combines goodness with a health-conscious attitude.

We offer a range of naturally tasty jams. Most of our preserves contain fewer than 10 grams of sugar per tablespoon, and all are created without the use of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Shop your favorites including strawberry, blackberry, orange and mango. Looking to buy a more unique jam flavor? Try guava, pineapple or coffee. You can use these natural preserves in a variety of ways, from the breakfast to the dinner table. Many flavors pair incredibly well with a range of cheeses and can be used to create interesting recipes quickly and affordably. Buy healthy jams online now and taste the difference today.

What's the difference between a jam and a preserve? The answer is right there in the name: a jam uses crushed - or jammed fruit, while a preserve preserves the entire fruit.
You might also be familiar with other interchangeable words such as "jelly" and "marmalade". However, jellies just use pectin and juice, leaving the fruit out altogether. A marmalade, on the other hand, is simply a jam or preserve that uses citrus fruits such as oranges or lemons.

Buy our fruit spreads online or locally. In addition to our website, you can also buy our organic jams at Phoenicia Foods in Houston or by visiting the Rice Farmer's Market every Tuesday. When you buy homemade fruit preserves and jams from Macaw, you're supporting local Guatemalan artisans.

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