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Recipes: What Else Can You Do With Jam?

Cucumber Slices Topped
With Hummus and Orange
Brie Cheese & Coffee
Mango Cheesecake Blackberry Yogurt Parfait
Coffee - rubbed Chicken over Roasted Vegetables

Guava Flan
Manchego Cheese with Blackberry Pineapple & Yogurt Toast
Brie Cheese with Guava & Pistachios Mango Chilli Sauce
Apples with Orange Mango with Cream Cheese
Guava BBQ Sauce Moist Coffee Brownies

Blackberry Gin Cocktail Strawberry Rum Cocktail
The Central Side Cocktail

Fruit preserves are for so much more than peanut butter sandwiches. Pairing sweet with salty or savory foods lets you create unique taste combinations that are perfect for snacks, dinners or desserts. If you're not sure how to start using jam in interesting ways, browse this selection of fun recipes using fruit preserves now to create inspired snacks, meals and sweet treats.

Using jam creatively is easy. It can range from topping your cheesy crackers with a bit of marmalade to cooking with jam. Create a mouthwatering meal by combining fresh root vegetables with coffee-rubbed chicken, or bake with jam to make a unique guava flan inspired by Central American traditions. The possibilities are endless!
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