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For thousands of years, humans have revered the same cacao we now use to create modern day chocolate. The Mayans called chocolate the "food of the gods" and we can’t help but agree. Chocolate isn't just delicious, it's been known to reduce blood pressure and boost mental energy.
We offer a variety of authentic chocolate products. Indulge in our selection of delightful fruit bites and chocolate clusters, each made only with natural cacao and minimal sugar.
Looking for chocolates that are truly unique? Our 3D chocolates make memorable gifts for various occasions, and can be custom ordered to help you celebrate or promote any special event.
Our products don't contain artificial colors or flavors, are low in sodium and are always vegan.

3D Dark Chocolate Hot Dark Chocolate 3D Dark Chocolate
3D Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate Raspberry
Passion Fruit Bite
Our Price: $7.95
Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate Dark Chocolate
Blueberry Fruit Bite
Our Price: $7.95
Nut Bite
Our Price: $7.95
Pistachio & Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Cluster Dark Chocolate with Nuts 3D Dark Chocolate

We love to get back to our Guatemalan roots, and one of our favorite aspects of Guatemalan culture are the many artisan sweet shops that can be found in various parts of Guatemala. The Antigua region of Guatemala is especially famous for its exquisite selection of chocolate concoctions. Chocolate is so well-known and commonly used in Antigua, in fact, that the region has its very own chocolate museum. The ChocoMuseo produces a range of edible cacao products and contains a range of beautifully crafted exhibits. Today, you won’t need your passport to discover the Guatemala’s artful chocolate products. Order your handcrafted Guatemalan treats here today and discover a taste that's worlds apart.